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We are meeting at the “A Ticket For Your Future” program with Turkish students studying all over the world.

If you are interested in immersing and improving yourself in a global network of innovation and creation, “A Ticket for Your Future” is just the place for you! Designed to encourage Turkish students studying abroad to return to Turkey by offering them internship and employment opportunities in the global operations of Arçelik, the program provides a unique perspective into the work culture of Turkey’s global brand Arçelik.

A group of People
A group of People

Turkish students from universities across the world, including China, South Korea, Canada, and the United Kingdom participated in our program in previous years. They also had the opportunity to meet the senior Arçelik and Koç Holding executives, and to develop new ideas and projects guided by experts in our next-generation R&D Center Garage. Six of the 65 Turkish students, elected from among hundreds of applicants, were offered mentoring and guidance on their dissertations, while seven of them continue to take on different responsibilities in various departments at Arçelik.

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So, what does the
program include?

Meetings with leaders at Garage Talks, experience-based workshops, brainstorming activities such as hackathons and ideathons, smart home technologies and much more…
We make sure to mix fun with professional development.

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Why should I participate

Throughout the program, you will get the opportunity to work on your ideas in different stations and share them with Koç Holding Vice Chair Ali Y. Koç to receive his feedback. You will have first-hand experience of all stages of design-oriented thinking, one of the most popular innovation methods of our times. There are more! You will experience the entire process of productization that goes from idea to business model including empathizing, defining, ideating, prototyping, and testing.

Join the program that will be held between July 17 – 30, 2023, and with this distinctive experience you will have, be a part of our global network that we, as Arçelik, aim to grow continuously and of our communication and solidarity that will last for long years.

If you are studying abroad and want to take part in Turkey’s studies in the areas of innovation and creativity,
“A Ticket for Your Future” program awaits you.

Snaps from Previous Years

Aspiring to be the reliable solution partner of digitalized households and companies by continuously reinventing itself and improving its industry, Arçelik currently operates with:


30 production facilities in Turkey, Romania, Russia, China, South Africa, Thailand, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India.

83 subsidiaries and affiliates in 53 countries

29 R&D and design centers

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and leading brands in different locations around the world.

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